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Website Review Rules

Post by J. H. Rasmussen »

To request your own website review, we have set some requirements.
A member needs to do 3 quality reviews of other websites (if there is 3 or more websites to review, otherwise they need to review the website(s) there is) in this section before requesting their own review. When we say quality review it means that reviews like "Nice site" or "I like it" is not acceptable.

Quality Review Guidelines
When creating a quality website review, here is some things to think about:
- Is the SEO done correctly on the website?
- Is the text on the website easy to read/understand?
- Is the navigation easy to find/use?
- Does the website pass w3 validator(
- Are the colors/color combination good for the website?
- Does everything on the website work like it should?
- Is the layout easy to understand/use?

This is not to say you should use all of these. These are guidelines to things you could point out in a review. We all have our strong sides, some is good with SEO, some with graphics design etc.

The Informed Webmaster Administrator Team.


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