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If you are interested in learning about RESTful APIs this article from Sitepoint maybe helpful
What is a RESTful API?

A RESTful API needs to meet the following constraints for it to be called a RESTful API.

1.Client-server: A RESTful API follows the client-server model where the server serves data and clients connect to the server to consume data. The interaction between client and server occurs through HTTP(S) requests that transfer the requested data.

2.Stateless: More importantly, a RESTful API should be stateless. Each request is treated as a standalone request. The server should not keep track of any internal state that might influence the result of future requests.

3.Uniform interface: Lastly, uniformity defines how the client and server interact. RESTful APIs define best practices for naming resources but define fixed HTTP operations that allow you to modify/interact with resources. The following HTTP operations can be accessed in RESTful APIs:

◦GET request: retrieve a resource
◦POST request: create a resource or send information to the API
◦PUT request: create or replace a resource
◦PATCH request: update an existing resource
◦DELETE request: delete a resource
13 Best Practices for Building RESTful APIs
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