Web Performance - HTML and CSS techniques to reduce your JavaScript

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Web Performance - HTML and CSS techniques to reduce your JavaScript

Post by Accrete »

As noted below using JavaScript can add to page load times and create other problems related to user experience. Take a look at these ideas of how you can use HTML and CSS instead of JavaScript:
More and more websites are relying on JavaScript for the interactions they provide. It enables pleasant experiences but also comes with undesirable effects:

- Longer page load times
- Page is unusable until the JavaScript loads and if it does so without any errors
- Usability, reactivity and accessibility can be lacking without a team with the means and resources to pay attention to those.

Given these drawbacks, relying on solutions provided natively by browsers enables you to benefit at low cost from the expertise of the community creating web standards...
HTML and CSS techniques to reduce your JavaScript

What do you think of these ideas?
Yours truly,
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