Microsoft Making Significant Inroads In Cloud Market

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Microsoft Making Significant Inroads In Cloud Market

Post by Accrete »

Microsoft's search engine Bing might be people's choice for search but evidently they are doing well in the cloud market:
...Microsoft making significant inroads into the cloud market at Amazon and especially Google’s expense..

...“97 respondents said they are currently using Microsoft Azure, compared to 58 using AWS and 25 using Google Cloud Platform.”...

...Microsoft is also the second company to achieve the coveted Impact Level 6 security clearance—behind Amazon—allowing it to store sensitive government data in the cloud. Achieving that clearance will only improve the company’s odds of scoring other major contracts in the future..
Goldman Sachs: Microsoft Making Significant Inroads In Cloud Market—At Amazon and Google’s Expense
Jan 7 / 20

So do you think Microsoft can give Amazon and Google a run for their money?
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