21 Web Directories That Still Have Value in 2019

Learn how to get more exposure for your website or blog with web directory marketing.
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21 Web Directories That Still Have Value in 2019

Post by Accrete »

Nice introduction on how web directories can still help a business as long as the directory is a quality site before the list of web directories they feel are still valuable in 2019.
...Any business with a local presence needs to maintain their local citations with a consistent NAP, but web directories won’t help with your SEO much beyond that. The real returns will be from the credibility and traffic they drive to your business site.

As you begin your search for web directories, keep those two criteria in mind.

Consider these questions before you start filling out your listing:

•Is this a reputable site? Put another way: if a customer saw me on this site, would they view my business as more or less legitimate?
•Is my target audience likely to visit this site? If not, it’s probably not worth listing your business.
21 Web Directories That Still Have Value in 2019
January 29, 2019

What has been your success rate submitting to the sites listed?
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