What Writing Style Works?

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What Writing Style Works?

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Have you wondered what writing style your website content should be written in? Knowing your target audience would help you decide which style would give you the best results.

One style would be content written as conversational:
No matter whether you’re trying to get your customers’ attention through social media, email campaigns, adverts or blog posts, there is one key element that you should focus on: words! Or, in professional marketing terms, the copy. Whether online or on paper, the copy that represents your business is often the first way a potential customer engages with you. Regardless of your target market, your copy needs to engage the reader and make your company approachable – it should grab the audience’s attention and make a link between your company and their situation. But how do you do this? Well, through conversational copy, of course!
Why Conversational Copy Totally Works − and How to Get Started

Based on your own research, which style of writing has been working for you in your niche?
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