Are Web Browsers Overstepping Boundaries?

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Are Web Browsers Overstepping Boundaries?

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Do you feel that web browsers are overstepping their boundaries?
Web browsers play a crucial role for both web designers and everyday users. They serve as our window to websites and play a part in so much of what we do online. In a single day, a browser might facilitate our ability to (among other things) shop, bank, communicate and search.

In all of this, security is a huge priority. This is an area where some browsers have struggled over the years. For instance, how many security flaws did good old Internet Explorer face? It seemed like there was always some hole to be patched.

But that was then. Things have changed in recent years. Browser vendors have taken security to heart. They’re becoming increasingly assertive in their aim to keep us safe from malicious actors.

However, some developments in this area seem to have blurred the lines between user safety and a “nanny” state. More than ever, web browsers are trying to reshape the web and how we use it. But, have they gone too far?..
Are Web Browsers Overstepping Boundaries?

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