B2B Social Marketing

Learn how to use social media to market your website or blog through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites.
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B2B Social Marketing

Post by Accrete »

Which are your favourite social media platforms for B2B social media marketing?
... If you listen to the wrong people, you’ll go on thinking that social media marketing is not a viable strategy for B2B brands and businesses. That’s just not true.

Although you’re engaging with other brands, you’re still selling a product or service to people first. Like with any business or brand, you need to get your name out there, in the news, and in front of potential buyers.

That’s where social media comes into play. It allows you to kickstart discussions centered around your brand and products. Most importantly, it helps you build awareness about your company and find new clientele...
The Top 10 Growing Social Media Platforms Businesses Should Use to Get More Leads
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Re: B2B Social Marketing

Post by smestreet »

In this digital world, social media is the most effective platform for B2B marketing. Social media has become an essential part of our lives and is a major contributor to effective B2B social media marketing. It helps build relationships, generates leads and improves brand recall. Facebook- Facebook is the number one social media platform. It has lots of user traffic, so it is the best platform to test and run your marketing campaigns. This platform has the most effective ad formats and it also allows you to target specific audiences. Facebook is effective for B2B leads generation. Twitter- Twitter is the second largest social media platform. More than 10% of the US population uses Twitter and it is more effective for B2B lead generation. It is one of the top places where people discuss business. LinkedIn- LinkedIn is the only social media platform that is exclusively for businesses and professionals. It is used for B2B lead generation. LinkedIn has the best professional blogging platform and is used for B2B marketing by many professionals.

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Re: B2B Social Marketing

Post by Ann87 »

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top platforms to use for B2B social media marketing purposes. Pay attention to Facebook and LinkedIn especially.

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