Where Are the SEO Industry Standards?

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Where Are the SEO Industry Standards?

Post by Accrete »

Where are the official SEO Industry Standards you ask. Well there are none.
Although virtually everyone involved in search engine optimization has their own idea of what search engine optimization (SEO) is, there is no formal definition for the concept. There are no industry standards for SEO. And though SEO Theory has proposed a model for SEO standards, there is no interest among Web marketers in forming a standards group that would address this vital need.

The lack of standards undermines the quality and credibility of the SEO industry and all practitioners and promoters of search engine optimization.
What Are SEO Standards?

So those of you who have been around web marketing for quite a while, do you think there will EVER be a body formed to set the criteria for SEO industry standards?

I have been waiting for years for this to be put in place. :(
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