Cellphone Privacy During Pandemic and After It

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Cellphone Privacy During Pandemic and After It

Post by Accrete »

Cellphone privacy is nothing new. iPhone users battled with Apple years ago regarding privacy. While tracking can be helpful if you go missing where do you draw the line?

Due to the pandemic politicians are talking about tracking movement via your cellphone.

Google's Covid-19 Reports Show Where People Are Staying In
Apple and Google team up to track spread of coronavirus using iPhone and Android apps

Given if you want to use these cellphone operating systems you have to login which equates to them knowing where you are do the politicians have the right to know this too?

Short of putting ankle bracelets on those ordered to quarantine/self isolate what do you think is the best solution to track those not complying with health officers to stay home? Apparently the honour system is not working. :shock:

And what happens when the pandemic is over?
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