What do You do with Your Change?

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What do You do with Your Change?

Post by Accrete »

Some of us still have cash in our wallets for incidentals. ;) Once you break that $20 bill what do you do with the change?

We have a bucket at home to put the coins in when we empty our pockets. It's there for bus money or if someone comes to the door looking for a donation. I rolled them up one day and ended up with over $100 to take to the bank.

Guess I learned that from Dad. He use to put change in a drawer and then once in a while us kids rolled it up, divided it and put it in our bank accounts.

What do you do with your change?

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Re: What do You do with Your Change?

Post by Colbyt »

I almost never use cash. I charge it all and pay in full when the bill comes.

If I do wind up with some it goes into a basket in my lap drawer.

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