What are you doing to "Go Green"

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What are you doing to "Go Green"

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Some have grown up in a disposal society. Some have grown up very environmentally friendly.

There are a few things you might have learnt from your parents or grandparents about being "green" (before it was a thing).

Here's some inspiration: 17 “Green” Things Our Grandparents Did When It Was Just A Color

  • Had our milk delivered in bottles and left the empties out for the milkman to pick up on next delivery.
  • When grocery shopping you took your groceries home in paper bags. These were recycled for the garbage can(s) or transporting things, like people use plastic shopping bags.
  • Glass jars were washed and recycled to store kitchen staples in and other stuff.
  • Shoe boxes were used to store things in.
  • Coffee cans were used in the workshop for storage.
  • We had a clothes line in the backyard.
  • We ate at home, saving going out for dinner for special occasions or had dinner parties.
  • Bottled water was for when you went travelling.
  • Wants were put on your birthday or Christmas list and you might get them.
  • We played on the street with the neighbourhood kids.
  • TV time was cartoons Saturday morning and Ed Sullivan on Sunday nights.
What did you learn from Mom/Grandma about recycling, being environmentally friendly and generally saving on expenses?
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