Most Productive Work Time?

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Most Productive Work Time?

Post by Accrete »

Everyone is different. Some are early birds others are night owls. What time of day are you most productive when it comes to getting work done?

Question inspired by: What’s Your Most Productive Work Time? Here’s How You Can Find Out

I use to get more done in the evening once everyone had gone to bed. Now even though I'm up early it seems like I don't get suck into what needs to be done till 10am.

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Re: Most Productive Work Time?

Post by Colbyt »

Mornings mostly but it depends on the project at hand. Evenings never unless it is a have to sorta thing.

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Re: Most Productive Work Time?

Post by LMD »

Many years ago, when having a discussion with a local BNI director who was interested in us setting up an evening business meeting chapter, I told him I would not be up for that. Not liking my answer, he then tried turning it around by asking if my best client wanted to meet in the evenings once per week to discuss business, would I agree to that meeting schedule.

He was shocked when I told him, "that could not possibly be my best client, because he/she would know at least some of my values, and that evenings are all about family time, which is more important to me than any business meeting."

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