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Quality Posting Guidelines at Informed Webmaster

Post by Accrete »

We want Informed Webmaster threads to be helpful to all members therefore we have some quality posting guidelines to supplement our General Forum Rules and Guidelines to achieve that goal.

Search Forums Before Starting a Thread
Please search the forums for your question before starting a new thread. Over time there will be multiple solutions posted to common problems people run into.

Do not bump a thread just because it is about a keyword phrase that matches your signature. Not cool. Your bump will be removed and you will get a warning. ;)

Helpful Thread Subjects/Titles
Please make the subject/title of your new thread short but also helpful for those wanting to help or searching the forum for existing conversations about their particular problem.

Example: "My Computer Won't Start" is not really helpful. There are many reasons why your computer won't start. A bit better subject would be "My Computer Won't Start After Latest Update". It gives a short reason what happened.

Helpful Opening Post
Explaining what happened prior to your problem or what you have done so far to resolve the problem in the opening post will get the best help.

Example: Not getting qualified traffic to your site or blog
Explaining what methods you have already tried to draw qualified traffic to your site/blog in your opening post gives those who are trying to help an overview of what you have already tried without success. Your fellow forum members can then ask questions or give suggestions on what might help your situation.

Cookie Cutter Answers
Cookie cutter answers to a person's question or the topic being discussed is not really helpful. A better reply would be a detailed explanation of your idea of how to solve the problem or replying with some personal experience with one or more of the previous solutions posted in the thread.

Addressing Previous Replies in the Thread
Please include a previous reply in your reply if you have questions or wish to address a previous solution posted which you agree with or disagree with.

Be Courteous
There are no dumb questions. Members are to be courteous in their replies.

If you do not agree with a reply in a thread be polite about the point(s) you do not agree with and provide a quality justification (with backup references preferably) why you disagree with the reply.

Be Patient Waiting for Replies
Your thread or post may not get an answer in minutes. Not all members are here 24/7. Bumping your thread does not help. It just annoys other members. ;)

We want the experience of all members here to be a quality experience so if everyone could help with the quality of the threads and replies in this forum the better experience for all.

Happy posting!
Yours truly,
Accrete Web Solutions

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