Google PageRank & Domain Authority

Google search engine optimization techniques and ranking issues discussed with the latest Google updates noted.
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Google PageRank & Domain Authority

Post by Accrete »

There are all kinds of rumours and gimmicks around regarding improving Google's PageRank. How people can tell you specifically how to improve your Google PageRank is kind of impossible these days when Google's John Mueller says it is internal?:
we do use PageRank internally, among many, many other signals. It's not quite the same as the original paper, there are lots of quirks (eg, disavowed links, ignored links, etc.), and, again, we use a lot of other signals that can be much stronger.
10:47 AM - 24 Feb 2020

The Google Toolbar use to show PageRank in the toolbar when you turned it on but that was removed years ago and also the feed that some sites used to display PageRank on their sites.

John also clarifies domain authority and Google's algorithms:
We don't use domain authority at all in our algorithms.
8:11 AM - 24 Feb 2020

(highlighting by yours truly)
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