What will happen if you get sick or pass away?

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What will happen if you get sick or pass away?

Post by Accrete »

Although this thread is being started during the Covid-19 crisis planning what will happen if you become sick, are injured or how someone will handle your business should you pass away is a topic for consideration at any time.

Hopefully you have your personal affairs in order for your family already but do you have in place should you become sick, are injured or pass away?

Larger businesses probably have plans in place already should something serious happen to the principle of the business but possibly a small business owner hasn't put things in place.

One think to keep in mind is that your significant other or anyone else not directly involved in your business left to sort things out probably will be overwhelmed as they do not understand the ins and outs of how your business is set up so you need to keep things simple for them.

Another problem is where to securely store all this information but provide access to the left in charge.

If you need some help or ideas on how to do this professional organizer Andrea Dekker has a post that could help you out: How to Create an Important Information Binder

What do you have in place for your business in case an emergency happens?
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