USPS Collapse Could Be Nightmare for Some Businesses

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USPS Collapse Could Be Nightmare for Some Businesses

Post by Accrete »

I know a lot of my students who were small business and some of the smaller suppliers for my ecommerce site use USPS to save money so this would be tragic for them:
As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States Postal Service, which has run at a loss for years, is even more cash-strapped.

Based on USPS projections, it will lose US$2 billion each month during the pandemic...

...During the pandemic, less mail is being sent, and sales of postal supplies are a major source of funds for the service.

Meanwhile, delivering Amazon packages no longer is a good source of income. In April 2018, the USPS handled about 62 percent of all Amazon packages shipped in the U.S.

Now Amazon's own delivery network, Amazon Logistics, handles between 46 and 50 percent of all Amazon orders in the U.S.

Amazon used USPS to deliver packages at below cost, Wang said. "This is why you see USPS trucks out there on Sunday morning delivering Amazon packages."

However, Amazon "has built up scale in delivering on the last mile," he pointed out, "and in a few years will not need the USPS."...
USPS Collapse Could Be Nightmare for Some Businesses
Apr 15, 2020

Crafters don't make what they should already for their handmade products (considering time and materials involved). What economical options do you know of for small business to use other than the USPS?
(lets keep this helpful and not political please)
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Re: USPS Collapse Could Be Nightmare for Some Businesses

Post by Colbyt »

To the best of my knowledge there aren't any. Crafters might eke out a small shipping discount by establishing a plan with UPS or Fedex.

The post office can survive just fine if they run it like a business; match employees and services to the demand and get rid of the dead wood. There is no valid reason for 6 day residential service. They could get by with half the employees and trucks with 3 day a week residential service. Instead of trying to create work and jobs by delivering garbage mail at less than cost they should charge more for less.
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Re: USPS Collapse Could Be Nightmare for Some Businesses

Post by LMD »

I've got little to no mail in the last week or so. Well, I guess that's in conjunction with me taping a message to my mail boxes (both personal and business ) stating "Please! No junk mail."

So far, it works. My paper recycle bin is hardly worth putting out each week. ;)

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