5 Trust Indicators Every Online Business Needs Today

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5 Trust Indicators Every Online Business Needs Today

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How trustworthy is your online business?
Trust is one of the most valuable business resources in the modern digital world. The internet is awash with wild claims about everything from competitive pricing to product quality, so you sadly can’t give websites the benefit of the doubt. If a particular brand is going to win your business, it must first convince you that it’s a safe and sensible investment to make.

And since the first impression of a website is a key influencer of the overall opinion the visitor ultimately forms, it’s essential to start trying to establish that trust from the moment someone lands on your homepage. This is done using trust indicators. A trust indicator, as the name suggests, is a content inclusion of some kind that serves to demonstrate your trustworthiness...
5 Trust Indicators Every Online Business Needs Today

Have you included all the indicators written about in the article?

One of the indicators mentioned in the article are reviews. Do you review your reviews and somehow get rid of the obvious fake reviews?

Also, if you are selling internationally, do you filter the reviews feed on your website to ones applicable to the domain extension the customer is on? e.g. Home Depot is in the USA and Canada. On the Canadian site they have USA reviews. These are not terribly helpful to us in Canada as some products are manufactured differently for the Canadian market. Home Depot is not the only one that does this. :x
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