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Double Opt In Email Sign Up

Post by Accrete »

One way to limit your marketing email lists to valid emails of people who want to hear from you is to use a double opt in system on your email sign up system.
How does a double opt-in process work?

When an email address is entered into a signup form to receive emails from your company, or, a signup box is checked or left pre-checked as part of a registration or download form, you would send them a signup confirmation email that asks them to click a link in the email in order to confirm their subscription. If they click the link, their subscription is confirmed, and you send them your welcome email, followed by your promotional emails. If they don’t click the link, you don’t send them any additional emails.

“Sending one opt-in confirmation request may be enough, especially if you’re getting a high rate of confirmation,” says Daniel Deneweth, Head of Email Deliverability Services at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting. “Others may need to send a ‘reminder’ and then perhaps even a ‘last chance’ confirmation request email to get their rates up. Sending those to non-responders within one or two weeks could be effective, and not too risky.”...
Double Opt-In Best Practices for Email Marketing

Do you use a double opt in sign up for your mailing lists? If not, why not?
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