Using Customer Analytics to Improve Ecommerce Marketing

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Using Customer Analytics to Improve Ecommerce Marketing

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When you started your ecommerce site you should have studied your target audience to find out where they like to "hang out" on the web and offline and what they are looking for in the particular niche you decided to market in.

To find out if you made the right decisions about the content on the site, products included and where you are present on and off line you need to analyse your success rate for each of these things. This is where analysing the data in your ecommerce and marketing software comes into play.
...One of the primary reasons why analytics are so important is the fact that they help you channel your resources more effectively. As a small-to-medium eCommerce store, you probably don’t have infinite resources and time for your marketing efforts, which means you need to understand what’s bringing you the best results and focus your attention on that.

Without specific knowledge about what’s working, you might find yourself spending most of your budget on approaches that aren’t delivering or aren’t even well-suited for the audience you’re trying to attract.

Another important benefit of analytics in eCommerce is the ability to steadily gain an advantage over the competition. Every usable insight that you can gain gives you knowledge that others in your marketplace don’t have, helping you make informed decisions and attract customers that others fail to convert...
How to Use Customer Analytics To Improve Your eCommerce Marketing

What are you using to analyse your customers?
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