E-commerce Discounting Mistakes

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E-commerce Discounting Mistakes

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Every store thinks about doing some kind of discount/sale to draw customers in but you need to be careful how you do it so your brand isn't damaged.
Ever discounted some of your products on your e-Commerce website and watched it backfire just a few hours after activating it?

Despite your best efforts, you probably have gone through this if you have been in the eCommerce marketing space for a long time. It often seems like discounts are the no-brainer way to boost sales or to attract more traffic to both online and offline stores.

But smart marketers have come to the realization that not every discount promo will pay dividends. Some will just flop...
8 E-commerce Discounting Mistakes that can be toxic to your Brand

As noted in the article above even big brands have made mistakes when they discounted something.

Have you made any of the discounting mistakes noted in the article? Were you able to fix it/them?
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