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Amazon SEO

Post by Accrete »

Hmm, interesting:
...Did you know that Amazon has surpassed Google as the go-to search platform for shoppers looking for products?

This may come as a surprise to many readers. (I’ve certainly never heard anyone use “Amazon” as a verb.) Yet the data backs this up.

When customers have a specific product in mind, more turn to Amazon search than Google...
Amazon SEO Isn’t Google SEO: 6 Differences That Matter

I actually Google what I am interested in purchasing. ;)

Anyways, according to the referenced article above, if you are a seller on Amazon you need to optimize your listings differently for Amazon search than you do for Google search.

Anyone selling on Amazon noticed this?
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Re: Amazon SEO

Post by Colbyt »

Don't sell but I usually search AMA first since about half the listings on Google will send me there anyway.
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