Facebook's Shops

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Facebook's Shops

Post by Accrete »

Facebook is having another go at ecommerce with their Shops product.
Facebook Inc. is making another run at building a shopping empire -- and this time it has the direct involvement of the company’s most important executive, Mark Zuckerberg...

...Eventually, Zuckerberg says, these Shops will be accessible across the Facebook family, including Messenger and WhatsApp, giving retailers a way to reach Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users with one product catalog....

...With Shops, which are free to create, retailers can import existing product catalogs from Shopify Inc. or BigCommerce Inc. to expedite the process and eliminate barriers. “We think this will get the flywheel going a little bit more,” Zuckerberg said...
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Recommits to Commerce With ‘Shops’
‎May‎ ‎19‎, ‎2020‎

Note - this should not be confused with their original product called Facebook Page Shops

Here is Facebook's introduction to the product: Introducing Facebook Shops: Helping Small Businesses Sell Online

What do your think? Can Facebook make a go of it in ecommerce this time?
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Re: Facebook's Shops

Post by Colbyt »

I confess to not reading the whole article. :)

If they hit the right niche' they just might. Amazon does not want 'craft' sellers and one could lose money real quick trying to sell crafts on Ebay. I guess it depends on rules and pricing. But, no online sales shop does good without adequate policing and enforcement. I'm not sure FB is up to that chore.

Last year when I wanted some compost I found a local farm on CL that was selling it. I asked if they would be advertising there in a year or two. The farmer said most of their sales came from their FB page and to look for them there.
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