Tabletop Photography Setup for Shooting Food and Products

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Tabletop Photography Setup for Shooting Food and Products

Post by Accrete »

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer to take pictures for their blog or website so they need to improvise at home or in their business location to do they best they can.

Some quite successfully build their own photography setup on tabletops for example.

Here is an article from Digital Photography School How to Create a Budget Tabletop Photography Setup for Shooting Food and Products.

Got any other tips for budget friendly tabletop photography?
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Re: Tabletop Photography Setup for Shooting Food and Products

Post by Colbyt »

I made some simple frames from some leftover 1/2" PVC pipe and sewed some basic rod pocket curtains to fit those frames using a cheap $2 a yard liner. I also bought a yard or so of hideous green and intend to make a green screen for the back panel. The white side panel allows diffused light if desired to soften the image. The frames form a 3 sided box. Sometimes you want shadows and sometimes you don't, hence the 3 piece design.

Will add a picture when I carry some wine down to the basement.

Edit: Phone was at 2% battery. Took the pics but will have to wait until it charges.
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