Got weird characters showing in your database? Get rid of them.

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Got weird characters showing in your database? Get rid of them.

Post by Colbyt »

I recently exported a SQL file and restored it on my local drive only to discover a lot of weird characters on my pages. I then restored from the original back-up and still the same result.

I found an article that was written to help you solve the problem with a WordPress database. I had to modify the SQL queries to match my tables but it worked. It is an old article but still relevant advice. A snippet from the site and a link to the article.
During the rush, apparently the most recent database backup file was somehow uncompressed outside of MySQL before final import.

Several days later, that decompression/unzipping basically converted every quotation mark, em dash, en dash, ellipses and other special characters into some really ugly-looking codes.

source: ... -database/
A couple of example of what you might be seeing: “' € ’

I hope this helps you.
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