How to Force Closed Captions to Appear on Your YouTube Videos

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How to Force Closed Captions to Appear on Your YouTube Videos

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I would like to add reason #4 why to have closed captions on in your YouTube video - not annoy another person in the room when watching a video. ;)
3 Reasons to Force Closed Captions On

First of all, you might want to force captions on if your audio quality is poor. Say there’s background noise, or the sound is muffled or quiet: rather than losing viewers because they can’t hear what’s going on, now they can read along!

Another reason to force captions on is if the speaker in your video is hard to understand. If they have a thick accent, speak quickly, or are discussing complex content. Forcing captions on will help the viewer comprehend your content better and hopefully increase viewer retention.

The third reason to force captions on is simply for accessibility. They allow people to view your videos in sound-sensitive environments, allow people with hearing impairments to follow your content, and make English content a lot easier to understand for people who know English as a second language. Also, even if anyone can turn on captions, very few people think to do so or know that it is an option.
How to Force Closed Captions to Appear on Your YouTube Videos

Have you forced closed captions on your YouTube videos?
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