Why Web Scraping/Spinning is Back

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Why Web Scraping/Spinning is Back

Post by Accrete »

The problem of scraped content and content spinning is alive and well plus possibly out ranking your original content you worked so hard to create...
February 23, 2011, was a banner day for plagiarism and copyright infringement of blog/news content. It was the day that Google launched a major Panda/Farmer update that sought to reduce the presence of “low quality” content in search results....

...Unfortunately, nine years later (almost to the day), that is seemingly much less true. Now it’s easy to find scraped, plagiarized and otherwise copied articles in search results. To make matters worse, they often rank higher than the original.

So what happened? There doesn’t appear to be a clear answer. What is obvious is that Google (and other search engines) have a serious problem in front of them and the time to address it is now...
Why Web Scraping/Spinning is Back

What do you do to check for scraped or spun content from your site?
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