The Newspaper vs. The Black Hat SEO

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The Newspaper vs. The Black Hat SEO

Post by Accrete »

This will be interesting to follow and see how the court case goes.
On Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News filed a lawsuit (complaint embedded below) against HS, a Wisconsin woman, and a company they believe she is connected to, alleging rampant copyright infringement of their content.

According to the complaint, HS is a self-described “Black Hat SEO” that that specializes in helping sites bolster their ranking through unethical and even illegal means. As part of that operation, HS operates a “News Network” a collection of dummy websites, many of which are filled with content copied from the various sources...
The Newspaper vs. The Black Hat SEO
Jonathan Bailey, Plagiarism Today July 6, 2021

I chased a SEO who copied my work (not the one mentioned above) once from host to host till they gave up. ;)
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Re: The Newspaper vs. The Black Hat SEO

Post by LMD »

I remember all the users of spinners out there at one time or another, posting barely readable junk posts on WPW, even V7N. They mostly came out of the blue, no relation to the thread/forum topics and were (guessing) about 500-800 words or so.

Speaking of SEO's, I wonder where the likes of Will, Steve and John are these days. :?:

Did a bit of colaboration with Morestar a few years back. He actually set up a Skype call between John, himself and I. It was certainly and interesting converstation.

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