You Have Too Many Content Channels. Let’s Kill Some.

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You Have Too Many Content Channels. Let’s Kill Some.

Post by Accrete »

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content channels you are trying to service? Maybe it's time to kill off some of those channels and focus on just one?
...every major media and content brand in existence started by focusing on one platform. It’s simply too difficult when starting out to be great at more than one thing at a time, and yet almost every company launches multiple content efforts at once. They launch a blog, and a podcast, and some research, and a horrible e-newsletter, and some social, and possibly an event. This is a recipe for disaster.

Regardless of how big or small your marketing department is, every organization has finite energy when it comes to content efforts. To increase your odds of success during the recession, which is likely to last a while, you need to shutter much of what you are doing and focus on being truly exceptional at one or two things...
You Have Too Many Content Channels. Let’s Kill Some.

Read the whole article. Did this inspire you to focus on one content channel?
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