Why your website needs to support older browsers too

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Why your website needs to support older browsers too

Post by Accrete »

There are people who still use older browser for various reasons. They can be non tech savvy people who had someone set up their computer for them, got use to that way to surf the net and get totally confused with change.

Some are bit tech savvy and know about privacy issues and are totally aware of the risks of malware when visiting any site. These people have precautions in place to protect themselves.
...A variety of factors can contribute to a person having to use the internet on an outdated browsing tool.

As such, web developers have to build sites that are not only consistent across browsers (from Chrome to Firefox to Safari), but also across older versions...

...Even if only a small portion of your website traffic is using an outdated browser you don’t want to exclude them from being able to use your website in its intended way.

Some of those users could be valuable sales-ready leads, and a poorly optimized website could frustrate them or cause them to lose faith in the quality of your services...
Why your website needs to support older browsers too [Interview]

What are you doing to implement cross-browser compatibility, security wise visitors and older browser users (other than "This site is viewed best with...." or "Get a new browser" messaging)?
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