Checking 3rd Party Vendors’ Product Accessibility

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Checking 3rd Party Vendors’ Product Accessibility

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This article on Knowbility explains how you can check the 3rd party vendor product(s) you are considering for your website are accessible without being an accessibility expert.
You are looking at acquiring a new system for your site. You know it needs to be accessible, but you don’t know much about accessibility - and you aren’t really a “techie.” How can you improve your chances of procuring an accessible product from a 3rd party vendor?

The reality is that few vendors provide accessible products, or even have accessibility on their radar screen. And you may not have a lot of options. There are not many accessible live chat platforms, or calendar picker widgets, for example. So it may come to having to select the least non-accessible solution. But let’s be optimistic and look at what you can do, specifically, to improve your chances of getting an accessible platform.
Checking 3rd Party Vendors’ Product Accessibility

And related to why you should purchase an accessible 3rd party product:
...Smart businesses are also recognizing that not being accessible limits their market reach. Not only do people with disabilities represent a significant chunk of buying power, but if a business proves to be inhospitable to people with disabilities, then family members and friends may also stop buying from that source...
Vendor Responsibilities for Accessibility

Did you find this information helpful when looking for a vendor product that is accessible?
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